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All about Hula Hooping



At hula hooping club we are learning how to hula hoop and do tricks. At the beginning of each lesson we have to do a warm up which includes: putting your hoop in your hands above your head and twisting your arms; doing the same but with your hands down by your side and twisting; rolling your head side to side back and forth and wiggling your chin. Sometimes you get bruises because the hoops are weighted.

We are practising a routine for the summer fair, which is on the Saturday 25th of May 2016, at Romsey primary school. Miss Culver started hula hooping club at the beginning of the term and it has been a huge success. Unfortunately we don’t have any spaces left at the moment so I’m very sorry if you wanted a space.

I love hula, I hope you will love it too!

Written by Laila Mae Galton