"I can't believe how much progress my child has made this year! It's lovely to see that their handwriting has improved too!", upper school parent.
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KS1 Christmas Production

01 Christmas Time is Here.wma

02 Caretaker's Song.wma

03 This Place is Jumping.wma

04 Follow a Shining Star.wma

05 I'd Rather Have a Bale of Hay.wma

06 Stop That Knocking.wma

07 Deep-A-Sleepy Sheep.wma

08 Ring Out Those Bells.wma

09 Christmas Time is Here - Backing.wma

10 Caretaker's Song - Backing.wma

11 This Place is Jumping - Backing.wma

12 Follow a Shining Star - Backing.wma

13 I'd Rather have a Bale of Hay - Backing.wma

14 Stop that Knocking - Backing.wma

15 Deep-A-Sleepy Sheep - Backing.wma

16 Ring Out Those Bells - Backing.wma

17 Transition Music Long.wma

18 Transition Music Short.wma