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Romsey Primary School & Nursery

Science Mania

Every Tuesday after school (3.20 – 4.20), Science Mania is run by Professor Kaos.

Everyone who goes to science mania has a blast!

Each week we get souvenir to take home; it’s usually something we have made in Science Mania. So far we have had: a pot of colourful goo (made out of 2 chemicals), a rhyme to learn the order of the planets, a pot of Shrek’s swamp sand, a green compass and a crystal.

In science mania, we have been creating explosions! We sent a rocket up into the sky from our own school field.

Another time, we put vinegar and sodium powder in a chemistry pot. Even though it exploded, it wasn’t messy! Luckily we had paper towels underneath. When it first exploded, it smelt a little like we made beer!