The next school holiday is February half term. The school finishes Friday 18th February 2022 and we return Monday 28th February 2022.
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Romsey Primary School & Nursery


At Romsey Primary School and Nursery, we have four house groups; New Forest, Sherwood Forest, Glentress Forest and Galloway Forest. All children are allocated into a house when they arrive at RPS.  This will be the same house as their siblings. In normal circumstances, a celebration is held every Friday and this is when house points are announced. The children can earn housepoints for following the school rules of ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’, behaviour, participation in class, work, reading at home, homework and running the Daily Mile.  The children are encouraged to earn as many house points as possible to enable their house with the chance of winning the half-termly award.


This term, the children have been working incredibly hard to earn their house points. Please help support this by encouraging your child/children to complete their homework or to read at home each week. 

The house points for Autumn 1 are … 


Glentress Forest                  1314           Points

Galloway Forest                   1199           Points

Sherwood Forest                 1177           Points

New Forest                          1150           Points




As a reward, the winning house, Glentress Forest, can come to school on Friday 5th November wearing non-school uniform..


Miss Yeo









House Groups

As well as the academic side of school life, children also represent their Houses in Sports Day and other sporting/competitive events throughout the year. The Houses each have one House Captain from Year 6 and a Vice Captain from Year 5 and members of staff who will organise their houses when appropriate.


House Captains


The House Captains and Vice Captains have been chosen by the children and we are proud to announce that the following children were selected:


Galloway Captain - 

Galloway Vice Captain - 


Glentress Captain - 

Glentress Vice Captain - 


New Forest Captain - 

New Forest Vice Captain - 


Sherwood Captain - 

Sherwood Vice Captain - 




The staff associated with each House are as follows:

Galloway Forest- Miss Gill, Mrs Codling, Miss Llopis, Mrs Cope, Mrs Jacobs and Miss Tesch


Glentress Forest- Miss Matthews, Mrs Hill, Mrs Bunting, Mrs Read and Mrs Hockey


New Forest- Mr Anderson, Miss Collicott, Mr Day, Miss Fielder and Mrs Tuck


Sherwood Forest- Miss Yeo, Mrs Nicholas, Mrs Malcolm, Mrs Goulding and Mrs Lewis