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Romsey Primary School & Nursery


From the Chair of Governors:

Whether your child already attends, or you may be choosing Romsey Primary School for your child, a very warm welcome from the governors!


During your child’s time at Romsey Primary School, you will almost certainly have the opportunity to stand for election as a parent governor, which is a voluntary role and an ideal opportunity to be involved in important decisions. Governors are appointed for four years and can be reappointed after that time, depending on whether others have come forward. I hope to have the opportunity of meeting you at a school event.


Our Governors: what do they do? Who are they?

The Governing Body (GB), together with the Headteacher and senior staff, forms the School Leadership and Management Team. The GB works closely with the school staff to ensure that high standards are maintained in all aspects of school life. Although the governors’ role is a voluntary one, it has an important purpose in holding the school to account for standards of teaching, learning, behaviour and welfare and for the management of the school’s finances, staffing and buildings. The GB appoints the Headteacher to whom the operational responsibility for the school is delegated.


The GB is therefore a key part of the system for school accountability, offering challenge and support to school staff. Governors help to form the School Improvement Plan and are responsible for monitoring its effectiveness.


Governors come from the school and its wider community, with diverse professional backgrounds: they can be co-opted governors, staff governors, parent governors, a local authority (LA) governor and the Headteacher.  Romsey Primary School is constituted to have 12 governors:

Chair Janet Féat (co-opted)
Vice Chair Peter Higgs (co-opted)
Headteacher Jason Anderson
Staff Jaie Codling
Parent Jolene James
  Cathy Pearson
Co-opted Peter Jackson
  Jane Goddard
  Christine Ryan
  Katherine Fitzherbert Green
  Lindsay Nicholas
Local Authority Antony Hurle
Clerk Pamela Leech


The full GB (above) is made up of all governors who meet together each half term: in addition, members belong either to the Curriculum, Standards and Teaching (CST) Committee or to the Resources Committee both of which usually meet twice a term.


Individual governors are linked to specific subjects and sections of the School Improvement Plan so that they can closely monitor performance against the objectives which have been agreed, working alongside members of staff and with children on visits to the school. This is how governors can really get to know the school and be constructive in challenging and supporting staff. Governors also attend school events, when they welcome the opportunity to talk to parents, staff and children.


With best wishes

Mrs Janet Féat
Chair of Governors
Romsey Primary School Governors

List of governors currently serving Romsey Primary School & Nursery


Name Date Appt Date Left Role Committee Attendance Current Responsibility
Janet Féat 30/04/2018      Co-opted CST Chair of Governors, Safeguarding, English, SEND
Peter Higgs 30/04/2018      Co-opted CST/Resources Vice Chair, Pay Committee, Maths
Jason Anderson 01/01/2013      Headteacher CST/Resources Headteacher
Lindsay Nicholas 30/04/2018      Co-opted CST/Resources Deputy Head
Jaie Codling 07/02/2017      Staff CST Staff
Jane Goddard 15/10/2015      Co-opted CST Chair of CST, Designated Training Governor
Antony Hurle 21/02/2018      LA Resources Pay Committee, Safeguarding, Health & Safety
Katherine Green 29/03/2017      Co-opted Resources Pay Committee, Pupil Premium
Jolene James 21/02/2018      Parent CST  
Christine Ryan 30/04/2018      Co-opted Resources Chair of Resources, Pay Committee, Pupil Premium
Peter Jackson 18/07/2018      Co-opted CST/Resources Chair of Pay Committee
Cathy Pearson 28/11/2018      Parent CST