The children return after the Summer Holidays on Tuesday 3rd September
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Prevent Duty


A key part of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy is called ‘Prevent’. The aim is to prevent radicalisation of any individual, and to positively promote what it means to be British, in order to create a cohesive society that lives out British values, whatever the origins or ethnicity of the individuals. Read more about ‘Prevent’ here.


How do we do our part in both preventing radicalisation, and promoting British Values?

  • Most importantly, read above for how we promote British Values through our curriculum- it’s simply a part of who we are and what we do at Romsey Primary School & Nursery
  • We take great pride in developing our children’s Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development.
  • We ensure that our safeguarding practices are kept up-to-date, and our policy and training covers the different aspects of the ‘Prevent Strategy’.
  • We are ensuring that our pupils are able to think critically using curriculum opportunities including small group work.
  • We teach about multiple religions, and have visitors from various faiths and religions speak to our pupils.
  • Assemblies focus on our iPowers values and behaviour for learning skills, which inherently promote British Values.
  • We challenge and act strongly on any form of racism or prejudice, either by adults or children.
  • We provide strong emotional and pastoral support, and look out for individuals or groups of children or adults who may be isolated.
  • We have strong links with local charities, community and faith groups, and seek to look beyond our own walls.