Last day at school this year is Thursday 21st July
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Romsey Primary School & Nursery

Vision & Values

Our Vision

The vision for Romsey Primary School & Nursery is to be incredible in all that we do.  The staff and Governors are committed to inspiring, nurturing and challenging every child to be the best that they can.  We aim to create an environment that encourages all children to become confident, independent and resilient learners with a passion for discovery.


We want every child to feel happy and secure whilst in our care, so that they can strive to reach their potential. Our children will have a positive self-image and be proud of who they are and what they achieve.  Everyone in our school community will play a role in ensuring we are all valued, respected and that we show kindness to one another.  We want every child to grow with the knowledge that the adults of Romsey Primary School truly believe in them and their ability to be incredible.


The Romsey family feel is important to us.  We actively encourage all our children to play, learn and celebrate together. The wider community is encouraged to play their part in educating the children. Children would see that their contribution to the world outside has a positive impact and they would realise the part they can play in improving society is vital to the future.


Each child will be recognised as an individual, and that their needs will be met through an active, engaging and relevant curriculum.  We strive for the school to be a happy, caring place from which all the children will take away special memories that will stay with them forever.


Our Values

Here at RPS we really understand the importance of relationships.  All of our staff know the children in their care upside-down, inside-out and back-to-front!  This means that all of our children know that RPS is a place where they are happy, safe, secure, valued, cared for, listened to, respected, welcomed, and a place to take risks, fail, step outside their comfort zones and enjoy success.  Only once all these are in place can we get the very best from our children.


Our curriculum is also designed to develop key values which teach life-long and transferable skills for learning. These are: independence, self-regulation, respect, focus, boundaries and resilience. These learning values permeate across the school and develop a core set of learning behaviours that ensure that children are effective learners. Children begin learning key skills under each value when they join in Nursery and the expectations change as they move through the school ensuring that all children are prepared for each stage of their education. The values are celebrated through individual rewards and in our weekly celebration assembly.  Find out more about our Learning Values here.